Just to thank you for an excellent lunch today in your tearoom. Excellent peaceful venue. Lovely sandwiches and all the better for the canine entertainment. Hope to be back with time to explore the gardens as well.

"I have had the pleasure of staying at Warwick Hall on many occasions in family groups, as a couple and for private hire purposes and have thoroughly enjoyed each visit."

What an extra special family celebration we had at Warwick Hall. Nothing was too much trouble for Val and her staff. The food, rooms and surroundings were wonderful - in particular the cosy lounge which we made good use of.

"I cannot praise the place highly enough. The Hall is in a beautiful setting and I received an extremely warm welcome. My room was fantastically comfortable, spotless and spacious and the public areas are perhaps even more impressive."

"Every single thing about our trip to Warwick Hall was perfect: the beautiful setting is so tranquil that it makes you take that step back and relax, immediately. Whilst the Hall itself is impressive, it is in no way intimidating; we instantly felt completely at home."


Snow at Warwick Hall

Well Spring was very short lived. The snow has returned! It does give the grounds a certain magic...

Luckily we've not been as badly affected as the rest of the county. West Cumbria is covered in snow drifts and practically inaccessible!

Don't fear! All the roads to Warwick Hall are completly clear of snow and safe to use. Please do take care though if you are travelling about in this weather.

After taking Boots for a walk along the river this morning, look at the view we were greeted with when we got back to the house. Isn't it stunning?

Spring is one of the most magical times of the year. When the countryside is waking up after the snow has finally melted. Although looking up to the Pennines, there is still plenty on the fells. I think you should come and experience it for yourself. Give us a call, book a room for the weekend, and enjoy Spring in Cumbria.

This weekend we have a full house!

We've go the family and their dogs to stay which is just great. As a bonus the sun is shining, so a walk along the river is pencilled in for after lunch.

Perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Boots is our very energetic but friendly dog. She loves roaming round the grounds, and there is plenty for her to investigate. Plus it goes us the daily opportunity to take some time out from the daily tasks and enjoy a walk along the river. Sometimes even in the sunshine!

Today was lovely...

We've been super busy this weekend with a very full house! We've had a house party!

A great time was had by all, even by the guests! This house is made for house parties - you get to have a delicious meal cooked by the lovely Sarah. Drink some fantastic wine, then either play cards and eat cheese or dance away then crawl up to bed. Need I say more than there were some sore legs on sunday after some interesting dance moves...

Well we hope so anyway. We're starting to get a bit fed up of having to wear all our clothes to pop outside. Its still very cold but there are some sure signs that spring is on the way. Yippee!

Our Home

Warwick Hall is a genuine English sporting estate on the banks of the River Eden and its also our home. We've been living here with our dog for years now and its very much our home. As with all country estates its upkeep is never ending and we have a great team of people who help us keep on top of it.